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            1. Luoyang taimeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

              CONTACT US

              Luoyang taimeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
              Address:No.1 Road,Luoyang Qingcheng high tech Development Zone
              Linkman:Manager Liu

              About us
              Current Location:Home - About us

                Luoyang taimeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang high techDevelopment Zone of Qingcheng Road No. 1, from the Luoyang high-speed beltway high tech Zone Station less than a kilometer. Covers an area of 82 mu, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, has a staff of 136 people, including technical personnel 15 people, management staff of 12 people, operating personnel 109 people, the company mainly Department Sales Department, production department, technical department,purchasing department, financial department, design room.

                The company is a design, manufacture in one, with the "Institute for nonferrous metal" "MineResearch Institute" and "CITIC Heavy Industries", "Ming Tai aluminum" Xintai aluminium "" China Yituo "Wanda aluminium" and other large enterprises for many years production experience of cooperation, set design and manufacture of aluminum casting machine, cold rolling, foil rollingunit, hot rolling mill and finishing equipment, the transverse cutting unit, bending and straightening unit, recoiler, roller coating line, uncoiler, coiler, the joint reducer etc Companies adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, advance with the times" the idea,establish the "integrity-based, quality first, and thoughtful and efficient service" purpose,welcome to come to negotiate business and seek cooperation and common development.