9 Tips To Choose The Best Baby Swing For Your Cute Baby

Have you been dealing with a toddler that just won’t sleep for long periods of time? Are you sleep-deprived and willing to try just about any method out there to soothe your child back to sleep? Are your arms tired of always cooing your little one back to sleep 4 – 5 times a night? Dealing with a cranky toddler who is sleep-deprived – as are you – can be a hard task to overcome. So, is there any solution? We are here to tell you that there’s still hope! Ever tried the best quality baby swing?

These little handy devices provide parents with a safe, comfortable, and snug place for them to place their babies. Swings mimic the motion of a parent’s arms motion rocking an infant to sleep. Your child will sink into a comfortable and familiar swing that will soothe them back to sleep. So how can a new mom/dad decide on which model is good for their child with all these models and makes available on the current market?

One thing to keep in mind is that not all models are designed equally – they all vary based on materials used as well as features included. Here, we shall look at key features that will guide you on how to choose the best full-size high chair for your bundle of joy. These factors will guide a parent during their decision-making process.

Before going on to Amazon and purchasing the first baby swing available to you, there are a few things to consider. From different types available, to seat comfort, adjustability, etc; we have covered them all. Let’s take a closer look.

#1 Types of baby swing

Full-sized baby swing
These items are large and ideal for anyone looking to install them in a permanent location. These types require a lot of space as they have a wide base that provides excellent support. The motor is integrated into the top part of the unit making it possible for the seat to full swing. These types are expensive and a good option for parents who want to purchase a permanent swing to install in their nursery room. Some of these models are available with electrical plugs which spare parents and the environment a pile of batteries. These types can safely and comfortably hold a baby from birth up to 8+ months of age.

Portable Swing/ Travel swings
For anyone who does not have ample space in their home, a portable swing would be ideal for you. As its name suggests, this model is lightweight and easy for a parent to bring it along wherever they go. It’s also cheaper and a good option for parents working on a tight budget. These types are very low to the ground and have a weight limit of roughly 25 lbs – if you have a tall baby, you’ll find that their heels dangle within a couple of months.

#2 Weight Limit

The majority of designs for baby swings are suitable for newborn babies of a certain age and weight. Baby swings vary depending on the weight of your toddler. Before making a purchase, you need to inquire about the maximum weight and age of your child. Can your toddler use it if they are of a certain weight and age? Will it be safe for them? Get a model that is compatible with the weight of your child. There is hence a limit on which swing to use for different baby weights.

NOTE: Your baby should be able to hold their head up unassisted in order to enjoy the advantages of these devices. if your toddler is big enough to walk on his own feet, a swing might not be the best selection for you.

#3 The Brand

When it comes to baby products, there are three brands that have dominated this industry. Every mom knows them and every expectant parent will too as well. it truly will depend on what you are looking for and which features matter more to you. these three popular brands include;

Graco – These swings have a great advantage of a 5-point harness and the highest weight limit in this market of 30 lbs.

Fisher-Price – Most of this brand’s models comprise a “smart swing technology”. This means that their swings turn off every 4 hours on a timer. These models have a 3-point harness with some of their models having the capabilities of swinging in two directions.

Bright Starts – This brand offers both full-size as well as travel swings. Their swings, similar to their jumpers/ bouncers come armed with tons of great features that will soothe your little one to sleep.

#4 Seat

A swings seat is where your little one will spend most of his/ her time on. This means that comfort and safety are primal. You don’t want to purchase a model with poor padding as it’ll hurt your little one after being confined in their swing for long periods of time. Ask yourself; how is the seat? Is it padded? Is it easy to clean? A seat must be comfortable and not irritate your infant’s skin.

Look out for a seat with thick cushioning/ padding allowing it to provide the high comfort necessary for your toddler. Is that seat removable and washable? This will make it easier when it comes to cleaning time as you’ll simply remove the padding and clean it whenever you deem fit. Also, you can use the seat without having to place it back on a baby swing.

It’s highly important to have a reclining seat. Some babies prefer being a bit reclined while others are more comfortable fully reclined. Look out for a model that comprises multiple reclining positions.

Choose a swing that has a seat clip. A seat clip makes it possible for parents to set their swing’s seat at a stable position when a swing is not in motion.

#5 Suspender

One of the most important safety features would be set suspenders. Most of these swings can comprise either a 3 or 5-point harness, which will n=keep the baby in a safe and comfortable position. What type of suspension design does that specific model entail? The design ensures that your selected swing does not utilize suspension with a single strap because it can be dangerous when the baby moves. Look out for models with a lot of suspension straps. Consider those devices with good support for your child. Such include those with double elastic straps that are adjustable enough for your child’s comfort.

#6 Presence of Toys

Some swings come with a variety of musical settings that will help soothe your child and put them to sleep. If you’d love this, you’ll be forced to cough up a few extra bucks and purchase a high-end model. Some other models come inclusive of an iPhone dock that allows parents to play music from their iPhones.

Aside from musical entertainment, some of the best baby swings feature toys of various kinds. Some toys move when the baby touches them, others run around on a small motor, while other swings comprise beautiful night lights to soothe your child. Look out for models without any toys that are too small and toys that do not break off easily as well. Also, avoid choosing plenty of overwhelming toys for toddlers as it might confuse them for the time being. You’ll find that various designs reflect different themes. Choose the best baby swing that will keep your child entertained and comfortable.

#7 Adjustability

For many moms and dads, a baby swing is purchased for the purpose of providing their babies with a place for comfort and cradling. With this in mind, you’ll want to find out how adjustable that device is. A key adjustability consideration would be the swinging motion of its seat. When it comes to comfort, adjustable swing speed is key. An adjustable swing will allow a user to slow down or speed up swinging motion. Some babies prefer faster swinging motion while others sleep better with slower speeds. When babies are young, we’d recommend that you keep the speed at a minimum and increase it as they grow up.

Another feature to take into consideration is your swing’s reclining levels. Some models can be adjusted to fully recline while others do not have this setting. Finally, consider your model’s swinging directions. Most devices available in the current market swing from back to front; however, there are also some that can be adjusted to sway from left to right as well. if you are unsure, then look for models that offer both swinging directions.

#8 Budget

One thing that makes people curious about an item is the number of features that a specific item entails compared to its price. Price is a key consideration because if the item is above your budget, it is better to forgo it and look for a cheaper alternative. The good thing with baby swings is that they vary greatly depending on features included and brand manufacturers. Some devices are highly-priced and as such include tons of wonderful and high-end features while others are more pocket-friendly to cater to those working on a tight budget.

Regardless of how much you are able to splurge, always ensure that whichever item you purchase is well worth every penny that you spend. Consider all the above-mentioned considerations and narrow down your list to the top 3 best swings for your little one. Always read past customer reviews as they are unbiased and will give you a better and clearer picture of how a certain device performs as well as its durability.

#9 Baby Swing Alternative

If baby swings don’t work for your baby try baby spring floats for swimming pools. All the babies love to play in the water. They will love all toys that come with the float. It is safe and made specifically for babies. You will find more about baby spring floats here.

Wrap Up

Selecting a baby swing can be an overwhelming task. I remember the first time I went out to buy one for my little man. I was so overwhelmed and confused that I ended up selecting one based on how it looked. After going through a couple of these devices, I’ve now known that there’s more to consider than just your budget and how a specific item looks. Do you have any more thoughts as to other considerations new parents should take into account? We’d love to hear from you so do leave us a comment below.

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